Navidex Cycling Team

The Navidex cycling team entered the STBB cancer awareness event. The distance was 35km of climbs and single track it was a awsome day out and we all enjoyed supporting this great cause.

Obsolete Equipment Replacement

  • Navidex was requested to change out old obsolete equipment with new equipment. 
  • Omniflex Data Aquisition Products were used.
  • The System also included an Omni 4000 Alarm Managment System.
  •  All of the data acquisition equipment was connected via Omniflex's Conet Network.
  • This allowed the client to get all alarms back to one central point.

Pilot Plant Control

  • Navidex was requested to clean up an old control panel for a pilot steam plant.
  • The first photos are of the old Panels and the others of the new Panels.

Windup Control Panel

  • Navidex in conjunction with the client designed a control system for a windup machine
  • The machine was required to windup an irrigation pipe directly from an extruder.
  • The pipe being of varying diameters and lengths.
  • The machine can do 2 rolls simultaneously.
  • The control was achieved by using a Mitsubishi PLC and Variable Speed Drives.