Electric motors play a huge role in the manufacturing and food sector. They are used in all sorts of machines and operations. They are expected to work 24-7-365 and most of the time without being serviced or tested ever. The only time they are looked at are when there are faults on the machine or process. This leads to major downtime, which equates to profit loss, and affects the entire supply chain.

 Here is a typical example of what can go wrong, yet with regular maintenance could be avoided. Photo 1 Below Fault code:  GFF on drive.

The definition of this fault on this drive is the following:

Fault DescriptionWhen the drive detects grounding short circuits on motor output terminals.

CauseMotor burnout or aging insulation occurred:

Corrective actionCheck motor and cable insulation with a megger.  

By following the remedial action suggested above this is what was found. The motor terminal compartment was full of water. Even though there is a protective cover over this motor, water got into the terminal compartment.

On further investigation it was found that the gasket between the terminal compartment and the motor body was damaged, hence letting water in overtime. Eventually leading to the fault as shown above.

With regular maintenance, this could be avoided



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